Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NZ Fashion Week, Bridal.

I had the absolute honor of being invited to go to NZ fashion week this year. I was pretty excited because it is the event of the year, and if you love fashion is the place to be! Since i am very lucky to know one of the most amazing designers, Vinka Haute Couture, i couldn't wait to attend. The dresses were luxurious and to die for, every piece of french lace did not go unnoticed, and ruffles were the centre focus. Even the models looked absolutely perfect, and i knew one of them (pictured below). I really didn't want the day to end, and it was made even more perfect when i received the most amazing goodie bag. Check it out :)

The runway was beautiful, understated and gorgeous. 

So near the front i wanted to cry. 

John Zimmerman couture was absolutely incredible. 

Sera Lilly. 

Vinka. The designer that i know :) 

My friend, her mum is also the designer, and she is gorgeous! 

My personal fave dress 

Anita, Vinka designer. 

Goodie Bag! 

Looks and tasted great! 

Sweet Bites cupcake, Deutz sparkling wine, Swarovski Perfume, Bobbi Brown mascara, crabb tree and evelyn perfume diffuser. 

It really was the most amazing day, and i hope i will be attending next year. Until then au revoir. 
Imogen x


  1. the event looked stunning, and the cupcake looks delicious!

  2. OMG!I wish I was there!

  3. thanks all of you guys, haha the cupcake was truly delicious :)

  4. so close to the front row! lucky :)


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