Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Flying High on Low Days with Fabulous Fashion.

Rarely do i partner up with writers for this blog, so i was very excited to be contacted by Jackie Clark. An amazing woman who writes about women facing cancer, so here is her incredible article, read it and comment below! 

Imogen Chloe x

It is a fact, bad days do exist. Cancer diagnoses, such as mesothelioma cancer, pack a severe punch to the courage of the toughest souls. Young women receiving mesothelioma treatments have to reach deep within themselves to find enough strength to carry through the physical challenge, say nothing of the emotional and mental challenges the illness carries with it. On low days, inner strength and beauty may need a little outside help.

The energy of high fashion holds one of the keys for raising the fallen spirits of female cancer patients. Although days of treatment for mesothelioma, lung cancer, as well as numerous other diseases, leave women feeling rundown and exhausted, perhaps an outing of another sort is in order.

Organizing retail therapy to pick up a few pieces of modern fashion may take a little creative thinking and planning, but the self-confidence that comes from feeling comfortable and looking good are worth the effort. Browsing online for fun new fashions provides easy access for creating a wish list. After familiarizing herself with colors, patterns and designs of 2012 fashion, the time has come for arranging a shopping trip with a friend or two.

When shopping day comes, a stop at one or two stores that include good spots for resting is a good idea. Clothing stores these days are filled with brilliant color, both solids and broad prints. For women fonder of blacks, whites and neutrals, large floral, geometric and paisley designs grace modern pantsuits as well as tunic tops, skirts and dresses. Solid leggings under roomy tunic tops provide a fashionable look for slender and curvy figures alike.

This year’s skinny jeans and cropped trousers bring modern flare to vintage fashions from the ‘80s. Also available in bright solids and big designs, these trendy pieces provide fresh looks and self-confidence for every young woman.
Accessories carry their own power for dusting off a woman’s inner strength. Long, dangly earrings in brilliant color beautifully frame the face of today’s fashionable woman. Flowing garments like flirty skirts or fluid tops look great with stacks of bracelets and bangles or a metal-worked cuff. Summer dresses with plunging necklines provide the perfect backdrop for layered necklaces.

New clothes and confidence go hand in hand. Not only does the retail therapy of a day out provide a step outside the grueling routine of treatment. Debuting the new fashions puts fresh confidence and strength in the struggling woman’s heart.

Next time she goes to treatment, the female cancer patient will find even the medical staff notices the difference. Perhaps she will even come to a mesothelioma cancer center, hospital or doctor’s office sporting a new fashion. With courage and inner beauty polished to a magnificent shine, women who indulge themselves in a little fresh fashion can face more easily what comes next in life. Mesothelioma treatments still pose a challenge, but the challenge simply indicates a new chapter in life.

By Jackie Clark. 

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