Monday, 22 August 2011

It's called Addiction.....

I know i seem to have quite a number of obsessions, and you are right, but this one obsession really is the lead contender as of now. Charlotte Olympia really does seem to know quite how to design the 'perfect' shoe. Below are a few of my faves from her newest collection, and i'm pretty sure that you will love them to!

The actual dream shoe. Alice.

Aptly named Bruce hehe 

The perfect little friend, Kitty Flats. 


Ok so not all of us will be able to actually grace our souls with these beauties, but oh can we dream!!!
Which one is you fave?

Imogen x

(all pictures from Charlotte Olympia.)


  1. Oh those are all to drool over. Especially the last 'dolly' ones. Ugh


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The kitty flats are too cute!!

    Alex & Aggy

  4. aren't they just, both the kitty flats and dolly, just followed both of your blogs x

  5. Ah. Such shoe perfection, love the Alice ankle boot xx

  6. gorgeous shoes!love the tiger;)


I really appreciate all of your lovely comments.
Love Imogen x

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