Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Colour +

Celine Fluro Satchel 

I lust for! 

Nicole Warne of GPV

Teen Vogue

If you like me are heading into the warmer months (which seem to never arrive!!!) then you will feel the same need for some colour to enter your life once more. I feel like i have been entrapped in a grey and black wardrobe for the whole year and can't wait to once again spring out the colour i once had. These few shots are what keep me going to last my exams! How incredible does Nicole Warne look in the citrus suit like outfit, only she could wear something like that and look INCREDIBLE! As for the Prada Candy, new perfume, i am lusting after it purely for the look of it, let's hope it smells good to! Let me know if you have smelt it! Anyways hope your week is going fabulous i am going to sit my first final exam tomorrow, wish me luck! 

Imogen x 


  1. Loveee all the bright colors! <3



  2. Colour is such a fantastic way to brighten up your mood for the day!

    x Marcella


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Love Imogen x

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