Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gifts from afar...

Too much perfection for one photo :)

French H&M magazine 

River Island, ahhhh 

My fave 

The gorgeous girl that bought these treasures for me x

One of my bestest friends, whom i have known since i was 11 just recently went to Europe, and she asked me what i wanted. I nonchalantly answered with "maybe a bag or something", and little did i know she would return with the most perfect, gorgeous and divine bag of my dreams! The colour is vibrant and summery, it's small but perfect sized and it's so unique that absolutely no one else will have it, especially in little old New Zealand. The treasures i received were perfect and i couldn't be happier, let me know what you guys think, for now au revoir. 

Imogen x


  1. My friend has the same bag! :)
    I love River Island so much! It's turned into one of my favourite shops recently.
    I'm jealous of your Milka hazelnuts! I rarely see Milka in the uk. :(

  2. How sweet that she got you all those presents! The bag is utterly cute! And we have Milka all over the place here in the Netherlands - thank God.

  3. aww thanks guys, haha i know river island is amazing i wish we had it in New Zealand and milka haha can't wait to eat it!! xx

  4. Love it all. That white gown is breathtaking!

    Would love if you entered our:
    We reckon youd rock one of these pieces!!! xxx


I really appreciate all of your lovely comments.
Love Imogen x

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